Don’t Stay Away from Church

Don’t stay away from church:

  • Because you are poor. There is no admission charge.
  • Because it rains. Most of us go to work in the rain.
  • Because it’s hot. It’s sometimes hot at your house too.
  • Because no one invited you. People go many other places without being asked.
  • Because you have little children. We have a well-supervised nursery and other facilities for children.
  • Because you don’t like the pastor. He’s human just as you are.
  • Because there are hypocrites at church. You associate with hypocrites every day.
  • Because you have guests in your home. They will admire your loyalty if you bring them along.
  • Because you need a little weekend vacation occasionally. No one can take a vacation from God.
  • Because your clothes are not expensive. Our church is not a fashion show.
  • Because our church standards are too high. Are they any higher than the Biblical standards for a church?

— Church Bulletin Bits #1

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