Act As If

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my life is to act as if I’m already the person that I long to be. By acting as if, I’m already where I want to be, or have what I want to have. I create a tension between what is and what can be. The law of cause and effect will eventually move me where I desire to be.

This concept works in both small and large ways in our lives. When I was a young, recently divorced woman, I had to support two small children. I needed a job that would provide a living wage. Creating a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted, I started to act as if. I dressed as I would dress if I already had such a job (even though I’d just begun to look). I talked as I would talk if I already had such a job. I acted as if. Within two weeks, a friend of mine told me she knew someone who needed a secretary. I interviewed and got the job with no previous experience.

Then I needed a car for the commute. I asked God and acted as if. Two days later, my new employer announced they had a company car that could be used by a car pool (and there were three of us commuting from my town).

Just the beginning … ! soon became the assistant director, then the executive director, the editor of the trade magazine. the head of the collective bargaining unit, the creator of a new cooperative organizational structure, and the holder of a reputation for being able to do the impossible.

To those who don’t know the simple rule Act as If, all of this looked impossible–but for me, it’s what I chose and God provided. A friend who is a priest once told me to “let go and know there is God.” I am constantly surprised by how loving and caring my God is.

Limited thinking is the only thing that can block all the good waiting in store for us. That’s why I practice having a bigger belief. I act as if and tap into the infinite source of good. He always gives me what I need and desire, and so much more!

— Sue Dyer

Source: Sue Dyer (1999)

A story by Sue Dyer in the book Chocolate for a Woman's Spirit: 77 Stories of Inspiration to Lift Your Heart and Sooth Your Soul. Written by Kay Allenbaugh.

Allenbaugh, K. (1999). Chocolate for a Woman's Spirit: 77 Stories of Inspiration to Lift Your Heart and Sooth Your Soul. New York: Simon & Schuster.

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